I booked it!!

I officially booked a flight to Fiji and Australia for June! AHHHHH!!!


putangirua pinnacles


In Aorangi Forest Park

It’s considered the badlands erosion of New Zealand and their version of Bryce Canyon, with the hoodoos. Considering I went hiking to see the hoodoos this past summer, it was cool to see a much different version in another country. They filmed the “Paths of Death” scene from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King at this location!

Settling into classes

A few days ago marked my one month of being in New Zealand! I truly can’t believe how quickly the time is going. I’ve found my niche within the school and made some amazing friends. My classes have been hard, but overall rewarding. I’m taking a design studio (photography) class, photography in the studio and Darkroom. My design studio class is twice the credit load as my other two, and can be very stressful. For each class I need to create a series, which was hard coming up with so many ideas! The three ideas that I have been working off of are: 1. dilapidation within the city and looking at how certain areas of the city can fall into ruins yet still contain beauty 2. Tourism from a tourist’s perspective and a tourist-inception 3. have an in studio session with girls to ask them to dress in clothes that society would label as beauty/sexy and then an on location shoot where I ask them to wear what makes them feel beautiful/sexy to look at the difference in standards of beauty. I’m off and rolling in each subject! This week I learned how to develop my film and I began printing copies! It took me three hours to get one solidly good picture printing, which was incredibly frustrating. Today I went in and printed three photos within two hours. I also have done two studio photography sessions so far and I feel so official when it comes to setting up my own softbox lighting. The classes are very intensive, considering I’m studying with art major students, some who may go on to become famous in the photography field, and they throw a lot of information at us daily. I’m trying my best to absorb, take it all in and enjoy it.