Darkroom Experimentation

11079183_10205964554782908_731429204_n 11079382_10205964553502876_837287098_n

These are some of the results of my first few weeks in the dark room. On the left is a photogram and on the right are several pictures that I took, processed and developed. Darkroom is by far my favorite class I’m taking this semester.


6 thoughts on “Darkroom Experimentation

      1. Hey! Sorry it took so long to respond! I’m currently studying at Massey university in Wellington new Zealand and the cost really depends on the program you go through. I’m here with international studies abroad.

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      2. No problem! That sounds amazing, I love New Zealand. It looks like Norway, with mountains and beautiful nature. But I think the atmosphere and the vibe is totally different down there. I must go there sometime!


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